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Boehner Calls for Lifting Oil Export Ban

July 29, 2015

By embracing our resources, we’ll keep energy prices affordable, help create jobs, and boost our economy. Read More

Boehner on Iran: “Will America Be Safer?”

July 23, 2015

If it’s even a question, I think it’s a bad deal. Read More

“Skeptical,” “Concerned,” “Disappointed”: Dems Raise Tough Questions on Iran Nuclear Deal

July 17, 2015

Numerous Democrats are raising tough questions for the Obama administration on its Iran deal, from lifting the arms embargo to providing a cash infusion that will allow Iran to continue fomenting terrorism in the region. Read More

Boehner Statement Regarding the Attack on Military Personnel in Tennessee

July 16, 2015

Today’s cowardly attack is a reminder that our men and women in uniform are under constant threat, no matter where they serve. Read More

“This Is a Bad Deal”: Boehner Says Obama Administration Agreement Paves the Way to a Nuclear Iran

July 16, 2015

We’re going to fight a bad deal that’s wrong for our national security and wrong for our country. Read More

Boehner on Iran: “We’ll Do Everything We Can to Stop” a Bad Deal

July 14, 2015

WASHINGTON, DC – Responding to the Obama administration’s nuclear agreement with Iran, House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) pledged today to do “everything we can to stop” a bad deal that paves the way to a nuclear Iran.  Here are Boehner’s remarks from a press conference with Republican leaders: Read More

Boehner Challenges Obama Administration on Iran, ISIL

July 09, 2015

Boehner reiterated his concern that the administration appears willing to accept a bad deal, asking, “When will the president and his negotiators stand strong?” Read More

President Obama Punts on Destroying ISIL

July 08, 2015

In the span of 15 minutes at the Pentagon on Monday, President Obama effectively informed the American people half a dozen times that he is simply not interested in doing anything to change the current trajectory of the fight against the Islamic State (ISIL). Read More

In Warsaw, Speaker Boehner Vows to Work to Make Strong U.S.-Poland Relationship Even Stronger

July 02, 2015

Both the Polish people and the American people recognize the need to deal with Russian aggression. Read More

In Helsinki, Speaker Boehner Expresses Full Support for Stronger U.S.-Finland Ties

July 01, 2015

Calling Finland a “great ally and friend to the United States,” House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) has completed two days of discussions here, expressing his full support for stronger ties between the two countries amid Russian aggression in the region. Read More