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#StuckInTheSenate: Providing More Flexibility to Support Working Families

August 27, 2014

“An animated President Obama cast the need for flexible workplace policies” back in June...but none of that ‘animation’ has translated into action. Read More

A Hypocritical Ploy That Will Send More Jobs Overseas

August 13, 2014

The Obama administration’s politically-driven ploy to prevent more so-called ‘tax inversions’ is being skewered by news reports and editorials across the country... Read More

President’s “Bullish” Talk on the Economy Is, Well, Bull

August 12, 2014

The president can parse and cherry pick the data all he wants, but the millions of Americans who can’t find a good-paying job and are barely making ends meet know better. Read More

10 Reasons ObamaCare Is “More Unpopular Than Ever”

August 11, 2014

From higher premiums to fewer full-time jobs, here are 10 recent headlines that explain why more Americans are giving the president’s health care law a thumbs down. Read More

Boehner Op-Ed on Immigration & Tax Reform: “Do Your Job, Mr. President”

August 08, 2014

President Obama faces a choice: He can work with Congress to deal with the tough issues, or he can go it alone and cement a legacy of increased polarization, partisanship and lawlessness. Read More

President’s War on Coal Slashes Jobs, Sparks Union Backlash

August 06, 2014

“Our jobs are at risk,” West Virginia coal miner Jaston Pethtel warned last week, as the Obama administration’s proposed rules on coal-fired electricity...drew a fresh round of protests from labor unions. Read More

Our Solutions: Lowering Costs, Expanding Opportunity, & Helping More Americans Find Work

July 31, 2014

There are 40 bills gathering dust in the United States Senate, waiting on Democrats to act, all of which would help create more jobs in our country. Read More

Boehner: “Where is the President” on Jobs?

July 29, 2014

Over the last 18 months Republicans in the House have been focused on the American people’s priorities. Read More

A Fairer, Simpler Tax Code to Support Hardworking Families

July 25, 2014

"The child tax credit legislation we passed today supports working families by eliminating the marriage penalty and better aligning the credit with the higher costs parents face." Read More

The Worst Recovery in the President’s Lifetime

July 24, 2014

Republicans are listening to the American people, and we’re focused on jobs. Read More