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Two Major Jobs Bills, One Giant Opportunity for Senate Dems to Act

September 18, 2014

Taken together, these two major jobs bills would go a long way toward helping American families not just get by, but get ahead. Senate Democrats owe them that opportunity. Read More

FULL TEXT: Five Points for Resetting America’s Economic Foundation

September 18, 2014

We do these five things in a meaningful way, we can reset the foundation of our economy for the next two or three generations. Provide a reliable stream of good-paying jobs. More stability and security, straight on through retirement. Read More

Three Things President Obama Should Do Immediately to Help Ukraine

September 17, 2014

Today, the House unanimously passed a resolution strongly supporting the right of the people of Ukraine to freely determine their future without interference, intimidation, or coercion by Russia or other nations.  Tomorrow, Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko will address a joint meeting of Congress in what Speaker Boehner called “another signal of stea Read More

Dems ‘Go-It-Alone’ With Red Tape Blitz That Puts American Jobs & Energy at Risk

September 17, 2014

The Obama administration’s costly, burdensome energy regulations have already put thousands out of work and...grid reliability and access to affordable energy are also at stake with even more plant closures expected in the years ahead. Read More

#StuckInTheSenate: The Next Steps in the Natural Gas Revolution

September 05, 2014

While Russia strikes a deal with China to build a “mega-pipeline,” invades Ukraine, and bullies other countries, Americans are paying more for just about everything and struggling through the worst economic “recovery” for jobs ever. We can do better. Read More

#StuckInTheSenate: Stopping the War on Coal, Saving Jobs

September 04, 2014

Senate Democrats are putting the president’s misguided agenda ahead of jobs and the economy by refusing to act, and the longer they wait, the more hardworking families will suffer. Read More

#StuckInTheSenate: The Keystone Pipeline & Thousands of Jobs That Come With It

August 27, 2014

The Keystone pipeline would create tens of thousands of jobs and is backed by a vast majority of the American people – but President Obama isn’t listening to them. Read More

President’s War on Coal Slashes Jobs, Sparks Union Backlash

August 06, 2014

“Our jobs are at risk,” West Virginia coal miner Jaston Pethtel warned last week, as the Obama administration’s proposed rules on coal-fired electricity...drew a fresh round of protests from labor unions. Read More

Senate Democrats Should Act on Bipartisan, House-Passed Jobs Bills

July 17, 2014

We’ve listened to the American people. Their priorities are our priorities. Read More

More Energy Independence, Less Washington Spending, & A Stronger Economy

July 10, 2014

If the president is serious about helping middle-class families, he’ll call on Senate Democrats, who are sitting on dozens of House-passed jobs bills, to do their part. Read More