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Republicans have repeatedly criticized the president’s energy policies,” according to The Wall Street Journal’s report on the Weekly Republican Address, in which Energy & Commerce Committee chairman Fred Upton (R-MI) outlines next steps in the House’s efforts to address rising gas prices by removing government barriers to job creation.  Voice of America notes that Chairman Upton urged Democrats in Washington, who have blocked a real ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy, to “consider his party’s American Energy Initiative.”  Below, check out more coverage of the Weekly Republican Address, which you can now readlisten towatch, and download.

“HIGHLIGHTED EFFORTS BY HOUSE REPUBLICANS TO DEAL WITH RISING ENERGY PRICES”: “In the Republican weekly address, House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.) highlighted efforts by House Republicans to deal with rising energy prices.  His committee is preparing to take up two bills next week: halting new regulations on refineries and requiring the president to open up more federal land for drilling if he releases oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.” (POLITICO, 4/14/12) 

“ADMINISTRATION’S POLICIES ARE MAKING GASOLINE PRICES WORSE”: “In the Republican address, Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan says the administration's policies are making gasoline prices worse.  He says energy legislation pushed by the House is being blocked by Senate Democrats.”  (Associated Press, 4/14/12)

“REPUBLICANS HAVE REPEATEDLY CRITICIZED THE PRESIDENT’S ENERGY POLICIES”: “In the weekly radio address for the Republican Party, Rep. Fred Upton (R., Mich.) focused on U.S. energy policy.  He said the Obama administration needs to push the ‘pause button on costly new’ regulations affecting energy companies.  Republicans have repeatedly criticized the president's energy policies as the average gallon of gasoline has risen by more than 10% in recent months.” (Wall Street Journal, 4/14/12) 

“URGED THE ADMINISTRATION TO CONSIDER HIS PARTY’S AMERICAN ENERGY INITIATIVE”: “In the Republican address, Congressman Fred Upton charged the Obama administration's energy policies have increased the country's dependence on foreign oil with the rejection of a pipeline project that would run from Canada to the U.S.  Upton urged the administration to consider his party's American Energy Initiative that aims to cut gas prices and create jobs.” (Voice of America, 4/14/12)

“TWO-PRONG APPROACH WILL BE PUT BEFORE THE GOP-CONTROLLED HOUSE ENERGY AND COMMERCE COMMITTEE IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS”: “Republicans are pressing President Obama and Senate Democrats to drill more for domestic energy while freezing regulations on refineries.  The two-prong approach will be put before the GOP-controlled House Energy and Commerce Committee in the next few days as Republicans continue to criticize Obama for blocking new energy production — particularly the Keystone pipeline.” (“Republicans: Drill more, regulate less,” USA TODAY, 4/14/12)  

“A REGULAR THEME FOR THE REPUBLICANS’ WEEKLY ADDRESSES THIS YEAR: CRITICISM OF OBAMA’S ENERGY POLICY”: “House Energy and Commerce Committee chair Fred Upton, R-Mich., delivered the GOP response on a regular theme for the Republicans' weekly addresses this year: criticism of Obama's energy policy.  … He and congressional Republicans accuse Senate Democrats and President Obama of blocking progress on energy policy.  Upton said his committee will consider two bills regarding energy regulation and exploration this week.  ‘Today we're knocking at the door of a brighter energy future; one that promises abundant, secure, and cheaper North American supplies, as long as Washington doesn't create artificial obstacles,’ he said. ‘That is what Republicans are working toward, and we invite the president to join us. If he won't lead, we will.’” (“Obama talks taxes, Republican energy in weekly addresses,” CNN, 4/14/12)

“THIS IS THE EIGHTH WEEK IN A ROW REPUBLICANS HAVE USED THEIR WEEKLY ADDRESS TO DISCUSS ENERGY”: “Meanwhile, Republicans talked about energy in their weekly address.  Rep. Fred Upton, Chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee, said the president's energy policies have reduced energy production on federal lands, and he said the Republicans have a better strategy.   ‘In many ways this administration's policies are moving us backwards, and making gas prices even worse,’ Upton said.  This is the eighth week in a row Republicans have used their weekly address to discuss energy.  Upton says his committee is taking up two measures that will expand energy production.   The first would reduce government regulations on energy producers, and the other would require more federal lands be opened up to energy production if the president taps the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) - a reserve of crude set aside for emergencies, including costly gas prices.” (CBS News, 4/14/12)

“REPUBLICANS HAVE LONG CRITICIZED THE PRESIDENT’S REJECTION OF THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE”: “Rep. Fred Upton of Michigan says in this week's Republican address that ‘energy could be a great American success story,’ but the energy policies of the Obama administration ‘are moving us backwards, and making gas prices even worse.’  Under President Obama, Upton says the U.S. oil production on federal lands is declining, but that federal agencies continue to regulate the energy sector more and more, pushing gas prices for Americans higher.  Republicans have long criticized the president's rejection of the Keystone pipeline, and Upton, who is the chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, is no exception.  Rising energy prices, Upton says, have real consequences -- namely the prospect of fewer jobs for Americans.  But Upton says that within days the House energy committee will consider two bills that are part of the American Energy Initiative to address rising prices.” (“GOP Address: American Energy Could Be Great Success Story,” ABC News Radio, 4/14/12)

“CALLED ON OBAMA AND SENATE DEMOCRATS TO SUPPORT MEASURES ON DRILLING AND REFINERY REGULATION”: “Rep. Fred Upton, R-Mich., Saturday called for more domestic oil drilling and a hold on further regulation of U.S. refineries.  Upton, in the weekly Republican media address, said President Obama's energy policies were contributing to higher gas prices. … The congressman called on Obama and Senate Democrats to support measures on drilling and refinery regulation.  The refinery measure ‘pushes the pause button on costly new regs affecting refineries until we study them all to determine how much they're driving up the price at the pump.’  The other bill would require President Obama to open more federal land for energy development if he taps into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, as he did last year.  Republicans have attempted in recent days to link Obama's energy policy to higher gas prices.” (“Upton: Allow more drilling,” UPI, 4/14/12)