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Republicans Focus on Securing Our Homeland... Despite Opposition From Democrats

August 13, 2006

House Republicans have built a strong homeland security record by constructing policies reliant on strength and purpose, rather than confusion and defeat.  Achieving victory in the Global War on Terror requires multiple tactics and approaches -- local, state, and federal law enforcement, Ameri Read More

Pension Reforms A "Win Win" For Workers and Employers

August 09, 2006

The positive reviews of the Pension Protection Act (H.R. 4) continue to roll in, both in preserving retirement benefits for those relying on traditional pension plans, but also helping workers save and invest more wisely in 401(k) retirement savings plans. In a column for the Associated Press, Eileen Alt Powell wrote the following: “The 401(k) retirement savings plan is getting the biggest overhaul in its 25 year history.” Read More

Defeatocrats "Stand Aside" From Global War on Terror

August 09, 2006

When you don’t have a plan for winning the Global War on Terror, avoiding the fight can be an attractive option – and Capitol Hill Democrats are embracing it.  Read More

The Party of `NO`: Democrats Have a History of Saying `NO` to U.S. Energy Production

August 08, 2006

BP’s announcement that it must shut down the nation’s largest oil field for repairs has shown the real world consequences of Democrats’ chronic negligence on energy issues.  An editorial in USA Today hit the nail on the head: Read More