From the gadgets we use in our homes to the music we enjoy on our phones, a lot has changed in the last six years.  Unfortunately, President Obama’s ideas have not.  His recent budget proposal is chock-full of the same top-down, tax-and-spend tactics that he’s been pushing for the last six years.  You would think that the $7.5 trillion increase in the national debt that’s occurred on his watch would be enough to retire some of those outdated policies.  

In fact, here is a list of 11 things that are #NewerThanObamasIdeas.

1. iPad  |  invented in 2010

2. Instagram  |  founded in 2010


3.  Taylor Swift's four most recent albums  |  released in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2014

4.  Frozen  |  released in 2013

5. Bo Obama  |  moved into the White House in 2009

6. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge  |  2014

7. Angry Birds   released in 2009

8.  Giant animatronic lion   2015

9.  The royal wedding  |  2011

10.  Selfie stick  |  listed in Time magazine's 25 best inventions of 2014

11.  LOST's conclusion  |  2010 (yes, we were disappointed too)

All of these are #NewerThanObamasIdeas for fixing our economy and improving opportunity for the middle class.  The simple truth is this:  the federal budget shouldn’t be cobwebbed by the policies of the past.  It should be focused on the future — a future where our kids and grandkids can grow up free from the fear of never-ending debt and a bloated Washington bureaucracy.  

And at the very least, budgets should balance.