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Speaker's Legislative Initiatives


Many Americans today see our economy stuck in a new normal, and know that we can do better. That's why Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have passed dozens of pro-growth jobs bills to get government out of the way and secure the American Dream. Below, you can learn more about our solutions, read the bills, become a citizen cosponsor, and keep tabs on our progress. Our jobs plan will grow our economy and build an America that works for people from all walks of life:  Read More

American Energy Initiative

The House has passed several American Energy Initiative bills removing government barriers to energy production, stopping policies that drive up energy and gas prices, and helping create new American jobs. Read More

Pledge to America

The Pledge to America was the governing agenda for the 112th Congress and was built to reflect the priorities of the American people: creating jobs, cutting spending, repealing ObamaCare, making Congress more open and accountable, and more. Read More