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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke today at a Republican leadership press conference on the White House’s political obstruction of good policy and the different approach the House is taking to open up the legislative process and creatively solve today’s challenges.

McCarthy’s full remarks are below, or watch them online here. 

“Thank you. We’re excited about Speaker Ryan and all the new changes. I want to take one moment to reflect on the differences between problem solving and politics in Washington. There’s a great example this week. Last night you heard from the company responsible for building the Keystone pipeline. They asked the State Department to suspend their permit application. Why? Because it’s been seven years. It’s an example of this Administration devoid of critical thinking or solutions. 

“Then take what you’re going to see on the floor in the House. You’re going to see us bring up the Senate highway bill, put in the policies from the House and then have many amendments to take up ideas on both sides of the aisle because we’re not afraid of having an idea. But more importantly, we strive for finding a solution to a major problem. That’s the difference you’ll see between this current Administration and this new leadership. We want to solve problems regardless [of] how difficult they may seem. We want to bring creative thinking and solutions and a process that lets every voice be heard in Congress. So, I’m excited about the change. I’m excited about what the future holds. More importantly, I’m excited about making this the People’s House.”

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