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Leader McCarthy joined thousands of Americans at the 2019 AIPAC Policy Conference on Monday to reaffirm support for the common bond that unites the United States and Israel, as well as the American people.

“AIPAC should never be boycotted. AIPAC should always be celebrated,” Leader McCarthy said. “I know in this audience we’ll have different political views, we’ll come from different places — but there is a bond that unites us: the bond between Israel and America.”

But, he warned, “I’d be lying to you if I said it’s bipartisan in this Congress.”

There is no doubt that the historically bipartisan support for Israel is under attack from members of this new Democrat party. Report after report details the growing Democrat divide from their own communities, and Politico recently noted the tensions and struggle inside the House Democrat caucus over how to respond to anti-Semitic remarks on Israel.

It should be simple. Anti-Semitism in all forms should be condemned.

“So when I heard language spoken on our own floors of Congress, I want you to know we did not stand silent,” Leader McCarthy said. “We moved a resolution — even as the minority party. And I will make you this one promise: we will never let anti-Semitism stand, we will never let it grow, and we’ll try to crush it any place we see it.”

At Monday’s conference, Leader McCarthy decried the lack of leadership from Democrats, saying that he was “embarrassed” by the resolution that House Democrats were forced by their own members to water down.

“Let’s not make excuses for what language people use, and say they don’t understand,” he said.

Over the years, Leader McCarthy has taken 148 members of Congress—Democrats and Republicans—on delegations to Israel, so he understands firsthand the importance of our countries’ longstanding strategic relationship with one another.

“We have a common bond, and we have common enemies,” Leader McCarthy declared.

Now, more than ever, he urged, Congress should be united in our support for Israel and her people.