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As Democrats rush to impeach, they are neglecting their duties as legislators. They’ve obstructed progress in lowering the prices of prescription drugs. They’ve rejected a great deal for American workers. And they’ve done next to nothing to protect your privacy online.

You deserve better.

We all value privacy, and we protect it in ways we may not even realize. So why should our online privacy be any different?

Look, your data is your private property, but it’s been exploited as big tech battles it out for advertising dominance. Democrats in Washington want to break up big tech and swap it out for big brother. Or they want to turn tech companies into utilities, replacing innovation with regulation.

But that does NOTHING to protect your privacy.

Congress DOES have a role to play—by setting one federal standard that lets you see your data, control your data, and delete your data.

But the free marketwhich is responsible for the phone in your hand right nowcan also meet our growing demands for privacy, and perhaps it already is, through crypto-networks and blockchainwhich keep corporations and the government from tracking your every move.

While Democrats obsess over their hatred of President Trump, they have failed to actually get things done for the people they represent. Congress has to get serious about privacy protection, and that means giving innovation space to grow so that we can address privacy concerns head-on.

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