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According to federal data released today, Border Patrol agents working tirelessly along the southern border of the United States took nearly 1 million illegal migrants into custody during the 2019 fiscal year. That is the most illegal crossings since 2007.

As acting commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan said today while speaking to reporters, “Even though [Mexico] is being an incredible partner, in order to have a lasting solution, we cannot rely on other countries to fix the loopholes in our system…at the end of the day it’s our responsibility. It’s Congress’ responsibility,” Morgan said. “So to have a durable, meaningful solution with respect to this crisis, Congress has got to get off the bench, work in a bipartisan manner and pass meaningful legislation to address this crisis.”

House Republicans have been vocal on this issue for over a year trying to get Democrats to acknowledge the humanitarian and security crisis at the border, and have offered several potential solutions. Even The New York Times Editorial Board acknowledged, on two separate occasions, that there is a border crisis in need of Congressional response, but the Democrats have failed time and time again to take meaningful action.

Meanwhile, the Democrat majority in the House has ground bipartisan legislation to a halt as they obsess over impeaching President Trump — a goal they’ve had since the day he was inaugurated. In this manic attempt to remove from office the duly elected President of the United States on purely political grounds, Speaker Pelosi and her Democrat caucus have blatantly ignored or purposely politicized most other issues that matter to the American people, like securing our border.

The surge of illegal crossings hit a peak this spring, but Democrats have done nothing to address it. In fact, they voted to reject providing emergency resources for the humanitarian crisis an extraordinary 81 times.

As Leader McCarthy said in April after visiting the border with President Trump to hear directly from law enforcement about the crisis, “If [Congress] would simply put politics aside, and put their country first…we are a land of the rule of law, but what we’re seeing happening down here, new records are being broken. We need to do something to change the course. The President is doing so much. Building that new wall and that barrier has made a fundamental difference. Those are not my words, those are the Border Patrol agents who work in that area.”