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When It Comes to Combating Terrorism, What Exactly Do Dems Support?

September 24, 2006

Rather than offer constructive ideas for achieving victory in the Global War on Terror, Capitol Hill Democrats routinely oppose efforts to secure America and prevent future attacks.  For example, Democrats cast “NO” votes on the Read More

Democrats Use Leaked Documents As Cover for Their Retreat in the Global War on Terror

September 24, 2006

Capitol Hill Democrats are trumpeting another leaked classified intelligence report, using it to mask their inability to present a plan for combating terrorism in a post-9/11 world.  Unfortunately for Democrats bent on retreating from the Global War on Terror, there’s nothing new in this report.  As White House Press Secretary Tony Snow pointed out today: Read More

House Democrats Admit Tax Hikes on Their Agenda

September 21, 2006

House Democrats held a forum on economic security this morning, but Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) gave Americans an advance look at this agenda on Wednesday, outlining his plans for tax hikes on every American family and every small business. Read More

Clinton: Protecting American Interrogators Is "Wrong"

September 21, 2006

Congressional Republicans are working with President Bush to ensure American interrogators know exactly what they can and cannot do when they’re interrogating terrorist suspects on behalf of our country.  But according to Read More

Photo ID for Voting Recommended by Carter-Baker Commission on Election Reform

September 19, 2006

Today, the House will consider the Federal Election Integrity Act (H.R. 4844), legislation introduced by Rep. Read More