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Top 5 Moments from Speaker Ryan’s Address on Military Funding and Readiness

January 18, 2018

'Our men and women in uniform are not bargaining chips." Read More

This Will Help American Manufacturers Compete In A Big Way

January 17, 2018

More good news for workers and consumers: the House just passed an important bipartisan measure to boost America’s manufacturers. Read More

Speaker Ryan Talks Tax Cuts, Military Funding at Leadership Presser

January 17, 2018

Today at a press conference with Republican leaders, Speaker Ryan discussed how Americans are already benefitting from the tax cuts law. He also stressed the importance of putting politics aside to fund our military. Read More

Will Democrats Block Funding for Our Troops?

January 17, 2018

Funding for our military expires this Friday, and yet Democrats are threatening to hold our national security hostage over unrelated issues. Read More

NEW POLL: American Support for Tax Reform Law Growing Significantly

January 17, 2018

The New York Times released a new poll today—showing that more and more Americans approve of the tax reform law. Read More