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The Time is Now to Rebuild the Military

March 13, 2018

The good news is that we have the chance to do that with forthcoming appropriations legislation for FY2018. This is critical legislation will finally rebuild the military, give our men and women in uniform the resources they need, and set the United States on a path toward a safer, stronger America. Stay tuned. Read More

Coming Soon: A Stronger Military, More Secure America

March 09, 2018

Soon, the House will vote on important legislation fulfilling a promise to strengthen our national defense and rebuild our nation’s military. Read More

Tax reform boosting business optimism

March 08, 2018

When business leaders feel good about the future, real people reap real benefits. A new Duke University survey released yesterday showed that business optimism is at a record high in the wake of tax reform law and its effects on the economy. Read More

Tax reform creating energy savings for consumers in 41 states

March 07, 2018

Since its passage in December, many major utility companies around the country have announced that tax reform has enabled them to pass on savings to its customers. Read More