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Stop the Earmarks, Fix Washington (Washington Examiner)

February 03, 2008

A historic opportunity was missed over the weekend — an opportunity for members of Congress to make a stand together against wasteful pork-barrel spending by bringing the congressional practice known as “earmarking” to a screeching halt.Earmarks have become a symbol of a broken Washington. Taxpayers have seen their hard-earned money used by Congress to fund a hippie museum ... a bridge to nowhere ... even peanut storage, buried in a troop funding bill. The spending process is broken, and both parties are to blame. Fundamental change is needed. Read More

In 2008, Let's Hope that the Majority Retreats in Its War on American Jobs (The Hill)

January 15, 2008

By House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH)January 16, 2008The Hill Read More

Democrats' War on American Jobs (Investor's Business Daily)

December 05, 2007

American families are feeling the squeeze of spiking gasoline and home heating costs, soaring college tuition and health care costs, ever-burdensome home mortgages, and steadily rising prices for consumer goods. And they’re rightfully feeling uneasy about it. Read More

With Key IRS Deadline Looming Tomorrow, Democrats Set to Delay Tax Refunds for 50 Million Americans (Human Events)

November 14, 2007

Every year, millions of American families pay down their holiday credit card debt or begin planning and paying for a summer vacation with their annual income tax refunds. In fact, with the holidays approaching and the tax season not too far behind, many families may already be making plans for how they plan to spend their refund checks.To these families, congressional Democrats have this advice: not so fast. Read More

Pelosi-Rangel Really is "Mother of All Tax Hikes" (Examiner)

October 28, 2007

American families are feeling the crunch of spiking energy costs, runaway college tuition, ever-burdensome home mortgages and steadily rising prices for consumer goods. These and other cost-of-living increases are eating away at the family budget — making every dollar earned and saved even more valuable. The very last thing families need is to see more of their paycheck confiscated by Congress. Read More