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An Unfulfilled Promise; Transparency and accountability in earmarking (National Review Online)

August 24, 2007

I read with disappointment Friday’s New York Times column (“Don’t Get Rid of Earmarks”) by Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D., Ill.), the third-ranking Democrat in the House of Representatives, in which he bristles at assertions that the earmarking process in Congress has become less transparent and accountable than it was under the Republican majority. Read More

Lessons Learned: Republicans Returning to Our Core Principles (The Hill)

July 25, 2007

In January I wrote in The Hill that after our losses last November, House Republicans “must recommit to the principles of limited and accountable government.” Here we are, seven months into the 110th Congress, and I’m pleased to report we’re doing just that.Republicans are working together to earn back the majority by first earning back the trust of the American people. And while Democrats are divided and breaking their promises on issue after issue, House Republicans have repeatedly spoken with one voice. Read More

Making America Safe: Remaining Vigilant Against Terror Threats (Townhall.com)

July 20, 2007

Two recent events confirm that measures taken since the September 11th attacks have made us safer. First, the National Intelligence Estimate, a summary of which has been unclassified, assessing terrorist threats to the U.S. over the next three years concludes that our enemies are actively planning against us. Despite this dire warning, the report confirms that the counter-terrorism efforts undertaken by the intelligence community and our military have constrained the ability of al Qaeda to attack us. Read More

College Bill Adds To Entitlement Burden (Investor's Business Daily)

July 11, 2007

Runaway entitlement spending and the strength of our economy are on a collision course as baby boomers begin to retire next year in droves. Annual entitlement spending on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid already represents the largest portion of the federal budget. Because these costs go unchecked each year, government spending will soon explode beyond our control unless Congress acts. Read More

Broken Promises (Washington Times)

July 01, 2007

In November, House Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, triumphantly declared that “Democrats are prepared to govern and ready to lead.” She said Democrats would make the 110th Congress “the most honest, ethical and open Congress in history.” That was then. It’s already June and those promises remain completely unfulfilled. In fact, the biggest problem facing House Democrats is their fondness for making promises — promises they can’t make good on or never had any intention of keeping. Read More