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House Republicans Claim Victory in Earmark Reform Showdown (Examiner)

June 14, 2007

House Republicans banded together this week to force Democrats to restore GOP earmark reforms that brought real transparency and accountability to the budget process. Faced with a united Republican Conference, the Democratic leadership backed down on their plan to hide earmarks in a series of multi-billion dollar slush funds and, effective immediately, agreed to allow Republicans to challenge wasteful spending in appropriations bills on the House floor. Read More

House Republicans Declare War on Secret Earmarks & Wasteful Spending (Townhall)

June 10, 2007

This week on the House floor Democrats in Congress will begin their efforts in earnest to hide pork-barrel projects from voters, budget watchdog groups, and Republicans who challenge wasteful spending. They’re gutting rules designed to help voters know where their tax dollars are going and creating massive slush funds for secret earmarks. And while they shut voters out of the budget process, they’re spending more with each passing day – an extra $105 billion so far this year alone. Read More

Taking a Step Backward on Earmarks (San Diego Union-Tribune)

June 07, 2007

After repeatedly promising the “most honest” and “most open” Congress in history, Democratic leaders have moved to make the earmark process entirely secret. Read More

House GOP Forces Democrats to Back Down on Unaccountable Tax Hikes (Human Events)

May 16, 2007

This week, House Republicans were united in backing down an attempt by Democrats to rewrite House rules to make it easier to raise taxes on middle-class families and increase government spending without having to vote and be held accountable. We stared them down, and we won. House Republicans used a series of procedural motions designed to bring business on the House floor to a halt. Democrats are already pushing to raise taxes on every American, not to mention the billions and billions in excessive, unnecessary spending. Now they want to duck responsibility for it? Read More

We Need a Clean Troop Funding Bill, and We Need It Now

May 01, 2007

House Republicans will have no trouble sustaining the President’s veto of a Democratic bill that shamefully ties critical troop funding to a series of arbitrary conditions and timelines, not to mention billions in unrelated spending. And while Democrats are now toying with idea of rationing support for our troops in the short-term while they find another way to force a withdrawal, that won’t work either. Read More