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Strong Economy, Spending Restraint the Keys to a Balanced Budget;Tax Hikes Threaten Job Growth, Working Families (Townhall.com)

February 04, 2007

This week, President Bush will kick off a critical discussion about our country’s future when he unveils his budget proposal. His plan will balance the federal budget within five years – an important goal Republicans and Democrats can accomplish without raising taxes on working Americans. Read More

GOP Must Communicate Enduring Values, Modern Ideas (The Hill)

January 10, 2007

If Republicans are going to earn back the majority in 2008, we need to develop new, bold and innovative ideas to help solve America’s problems. And Republicans at all levels must recommit to the principles of limited and accountable government. Republican legislators must communicate we are the party of both enduring values and modern ideas. President Ronald Reagan summed up the importance of big ideas in his farewell address in 1989. I believe it has special meaning for the Republican Party in 2007. Reagan said: Read More

Medicare Changes Could Mean Fewer Options, Higher Prices

December 28, 2006

A popular talking point for Democrats is their desire to “fix” Medicare by imposing price controls on prescription drugs for American seniors. Of course they don’t say that -- they say they want the federal government to “negotiate” with pharmaceutical companies. Read More