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Boehner on Townhall.com: Where Are The Jobs, Mr. President?

July 07, 2010

"Last week, President Obama traveled all the way to Racine, Wisconsin – a city suffering from 14 percent unemployment – and used his time there to talk about me. Of course, it’s easier for the president to attack Republicans than it is to come up with new excuses for his broken promises and failing policies." Read More

Orange County Register: How cap-and-trade tripped Democrats

June 25, 2010

"We have critical choices to make about our energy future -- and Republicans have proposed a responsible, 'all-of-the-above' plan that that would get us where we need to go – but the Democrats' job-killer was left for dead for a reason, and it should stay that way." Read More

Boehner Op-Ed on Townhall.com: More American Energy Will Produce Lower Prices, More American Jobs

April 15, 2010

More American Energy Will Produce Lower Prices, More American JobsBy John BoehnerFriday, April 16, 2010  Read More

President Obama’s New Health Care Law Will Cost N.C. jobs (Boehner Op-Ed in The Charlotte Observer)

April 01, 2010

Evidence of the heavy toll President Barack Obama’s government takeover of health care will exact on our economy has emerged with frightening speed in the days since it became law. Major American employers, including Boeing, AT&T and Prudential have announced they will likely be forced to make painful changes due to the law's job-killing tax increases and health care cost hikes. Read More