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#JointSession: Key Takeaways From Speaker Ryan’s TODAY Show Interview

February 28, 2017

Speaker Ryan sat down with Matt Lauer this morning ahead of President Trump’s first address to Congress. Here are a few highlights from their interview, which took place in the Speaker’s office, the Rotunda, and National Statuary Hall: Read More

The Urgency of Obamacare Repeal: Speaker Ryan’s Interview on Morning Joe

February 15, 2017

Summary: It’s been a busy 24 hours on the Obamacare front, with more bad news for consumers already struggling with higher premiums and fewer choices. Amid these developments, Speaker Ryan appeared on Morning Joe to talk about the urgency of rescuing people from this collapsing law. Read More

One of Our Greatest Love Stories

February 14, 2017

On behalf of the whole House, I want to extend our best wishes to the Bush family.  This Valentine's Day, we are reminded that George H.W. Bush and Barbara Bush are not just national treasures. Together, they are part of one of the greatest love stories in our history, more than seven decades running.  And we are keeping them in our thoughts. Read More

The Next Four Years Will Not Look Like The Last Eight

January 19, 2017

The next four years are not going to look like the last eight years. What a unified Republican government gets us is enormous relief from Washington, from Obamacare, and from regulations that are putting people out of business. We, in Congress, are in daily contact with the president-elect and his team to make sure that we hit the ground running. We cannot waste this opportunity. We've got to make a difference and get things done for the people. Read More

A Cool Moment with President-Elect Trump

January 17, 2017

Two months ago, immediately following Election Day, Speaker Ryan showed President-elect Trump where he is to be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Now, with the Inauguration just three days away, the Speaker reflects on what it was like to take the president-elect and his wife out on the Capitol balcony to preview the big day. Read More