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Boehner: If Democrats Want to End the War, "They Ought to Have the Courage to Stand Up and Do It"

February 28, 2007

At a press conference this morning, House Republican LeaderJohn Boehner (R-OH) discussed Republicans’ plan to support America’s troopsin harm’s way by opposing tying troop funding to political pork, and Democrats’plans to deny funding and resources to American troops fighting radicalIslamic terrorists:   ON OPPOSINGDEMOCRATS’ PLANS TO TIE TROOP FUNDING TO PORK Read More

Update: "Splintering" Democrats Float, Then Withdraw, Another Plan to Choke Off Troop Funds

February 28, 2007

A Leader Alert just a few hours ago noted that Democrats are divided on the details of their plan to “choke off” funding for American troops in harm’s way.  In what may set a record for the fastest flip flop in Washington ever, the Read More

Boehner Floor Speech on Bill Undermining Workers’ Rights to a Secret Ballot

February 28, 2007

Today, House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) delivered a floor speech on the so-called Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800). Below are Boehner’s remarks as prepared: “Madame Speaker, I rise today in opposition to HR 800, a bill that will strip American workers of the right to choose – freely and anonymously – whether to unionize, while leaving them open to harassment and intimidation. Read More

VIDEO: Boehner Floor Speech on HR 800, 3/1/07

February 28, 2007

House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH) floor speech on HR 800, a bill stripping American workers of their right to a private ballot election when deciding whether to unionize, leaving them open to harassment, intimidation, and union pressure. Read More