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House to Make Important Flood Insurance Reforms

November 14, 2017

Recent natural disasters have brought a renewed focus upon Congress’ efforts to improve our nation’s flood insurance program (NFIP). Read More

House Members Tout Tax Reform, Part II

November 14, 2017

Last week, we sent you a few examples of what House Republicans are doing to highlight the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. You may have already guessed this, but there’s more where that came from: After the Ways and Means Committee passed the bill, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) announced that the House would be voting on it this week “to deliver a win for the American people.” Read More

We’re giving the troops a pay raise

November 14, 2017

It’s the primary duty of the federal government to provide for the national defense. This bill will do exactly that. It supports our military and their families, and it equips, trains, and supplies our troops. Read More

Speaker Ryan Talks Tax Reform, Defense Bill at Leadership Press Conference

November 14, 2017

It’s a big week on Capitol Hill. During a press conference with Republican leaders, Speaker Ryan discussed what’s on the House’s agenda: the national defense bill and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Read More

Delivering Real Tax Relief: George’s Story

November 14, 2017

$1,301—that’s the amount of George’s federal tax cut as a result of the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. This is his story↴ https://t.co/AybMDgI8Mt Read More