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Defeatocrats "Stand Aside" From Global War on Terror

August 09, 2006

When you don’t have a plan for winning the Global War on Terror, avoiding the fight can be an attractive option – and Capitol Hill Democrats are embracing it.  Read More

The Party of `NO`: Democrats Have a History of Saying `NO` to U.S. Energy Production

August 08, 2006

BP’s announcement that it must shut down the nation’s largest oil field for repairs has shown the real world consequences of Democrats’ chronic negligence on energy issues.  An editorial in USA Today hit the nail on the head: Read More

Real World Consequences of Dems’ Chronic Negligence On Energy Issues

August 07, 2006

While House Republicans have been working to bolster America’s energy supply, Capitol Hill Democrats have wasted time arguing that increasing “supply wouldn't make a difference to prices” to justify their repeated opposition to common sense solutions. Read More

Sweeping Pension Reforms an "Achievement in Which All Lawmakers Can Take Pride"

August 07, 2006

On Friday, President Bush announced he will sign the Pension Protection Act (H.R. Read More