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Democrats Should Stop Standing in the Way of Rebuilding our Military

January 26, 2018

Time and again, Senate Democrats have stonewalled attempts to fund our military at the levels we need. This needs to end. Read More

NEWS: American Family Insurance boosts investments in its people

January 26, 2018

American Family Insurance joined the crowd of companies giving bonuses to and investing in their employees, thanks to tax reform. This includes a bonus, expanded tuition reimbursement, more family leave, a raised minimum wage, and more contributions to non-profit organizations. Below is the company’s release: Read More

BREAKING: FedEx Announces $3.2 Billion in New Investments and Employee Benefits

January 26, 2018

FedEx joins a wave of companies awarding bonuses and higher wages to their employees in the wake of tax reform. Read More

Speaker Ryan CODEL Travels to United Arab Emirates

January 25, 2018

ABU DHABI—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his bipartisan Congressional Delegation continued their visit to the Middle East today, traveling to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The focus of the speaker’s visit to Abu Dhabi was advancing our shared goals of rolling back Iranian aggression and other extremist elements in the region, as well as continuing our economic and business partnerships. Read More

House to Vote Again on Legislation to Protect Young Victims of Sexual Assault

January 25, 2018

We have all been inspired by the courage of the American athletes coming forward to tell their stories. The crimes committed against these young women are atrocious and rattle us all to the core. The fact that it went unreported to law enforcement is intolerable—and it’s a huge wake-up call. That’s why Congress has taken action to defend young victims and ensure the criminals are held accountable. Read More