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This afternoon: A vote to end the madness

January 22, 2018

Senate Democrats and their filibuster forced this shutdown, and now they have an opportunity to end it. Vote yes. Read More

The Schumer Shutdown’s Dangerous Repercussions

January 22, 2018

Today is day three of the Schumer Shutdown. On Friday evening, Senator Schumer and Senate Democrats filibustered the legislation to fund the government and pass a six year Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) reauthorization. At midnight, the federal government shut down. It is needless and it is reckless. What are the repercussions of the Senate’s dangerous action?  Read More

On Fox & Friends, Speaker Ryan Urges Senate Democrats to Open The Government

January 22, 2018

Senator Schumer and Senate Democrats have a chance to reopen the government at noon today. Its time they end this reckless shutdown. pic.twitter.com/tCyDYXcsDU Read More

Speaker Ryan on ‘Face the Nation’: Open up the Government

January 21, 2018

This morning, Speaker Ryan appeared on CBS’ Face the Nation to discuss the Senate Democrats’ reckless shut down of the federal government. Watch the interview here.  On the Schumer Shutdown Read More

Speaker Ryan Floor Remarks on the Senate Democrats' Shutdown

January 20, 2018

WASHINGTON—House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) spoke on the House floor regarding the action Senate Democrats took last night to force a government shutdown. Below are his remarks: “My colleagues, at this hour, the federal government is needlessly shutdown because of Senate Democrats. Read More