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Speaker Ryan: ‘Americans Are Right to Feel Good about how Things Are Going’

May 08, 2018

Today, Speaker Ryan discussed the strong state of the economy—highlighting low unemployment and increased optimism among workers and businesses—and spoke about the workforce development agenda the House will keep moving forward to ensure workers are equipped with the skills needed to fill good jobs. Read More

More Relief for Consumers and the Economy

May 07, 2018

This week, the House will be moving forward with our efforts to protect consumers from burdensome, Obama-era regulations that hurt jobs, stifle growth, and diminish opportunity. Read More

May These Four Numbers Be With You

May 04, 2018

With the help of tax reform, the Force is strong with the economy. Read More

Speaker Ryan Statement on the House Chaplain

May 03, 2018

It is my job as speaker to do what is best for this body, and I know that this body is not well served by a protracted fight over such an important post. Read More

48 States Seeing Lower Utility Bills Following Tax Reform

May 03, 2018

In the few months following the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, utility companies in 48 out of 50 states, and DC, have taken action to pass their federal tax savings on to their customers. This means more than 87 million customers across the country—so far—are set to see lower monthly utility bills. Read More