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A Promise Kept: Speaker Ryan Talks ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ during Leadership Presser

December 19, 2017

Today at a leadership press conference, Speaker Ryan discussed the historic nature of today’s vote on the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Read More

A Moment Decades in the Making

December 19, 2017

This has been a moment decades in the making. America's tax code had its last major update in 1986, well before the smartphone that you may be reading this on was ever even invented. Read More

Highlights from the Twitter Tax Reform Q&A with Rep. Noem

December 18, 2017

Last week, Speaker Ryan sat down with Ways and Means and Tax Cuts and Jobs Act conference committee member Rep. Kristi Noem (R-SD) to hold a live Tax Reform Twitter Q&A. As a rancher, farmer, small business owner, and a mom, Rep. Noem was able to discuss not only what this bill means for South Dakotans, but for hardworking families across the country. Here are the highlights: Hardworking American Families Read More

Statement on the President’s National Security Strategy

December 18, 2017

“Protecting our nation from the myriad of threats we face is the single most important role of government." Read More

A Working Economy

December 18, 2017

America is strongest when her people are thriving. But for too long, our economy has not been meeting its potential. Wages have been stagnant. Good jobs are too scarce. Companies have been fleeing the United States for lower tax rates abroad—causing hardship for families and local communities.   But soon, a new day is coming. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will put Americans back on top, with a new tax system designed to give a boost to American businesses big and small. Read More