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To bring America into the 21st century, we must start from a strong fiscal and economic foundation. In Washington, that means passing a budget that controls spending and promotes a more prosperous America.

As Majority Leader McCarthy said on the House floor,

“A budget is a vision for the future. And Republicans are making our vision very clear. In our vision, Washington lives within its means. In our vision, we don’t raise taxes on the American people. In our vision, we set the stage for a strong American future.”

For the first time in six years, both Houses of Congress have produced budgets and come to a bicameral budget agreement. That means Washington finally has a plan of action to balance the budget and support a growing economy.

Here are a few key facts about what this budget accomplishes. It:

  • Balances in less than 10 years
  • Provides more funding for defense than requested by the President
  • Repeals Obamacare
  • Would create a simpler and fairer tax code
  • Grows America’s economy, not Washington’s
  • Doesn’t raise taxes
  • Puts the federal government on track to pay down the federal debt over the next few decades
  • Makes entitlement programs sustainable for the future
  • Enables $400 billion in additional economic growth over the next decade, according to CBO
  • Adds 1.2 million jobs over the next decade, based on CBO data

This budget couldn’t be more different from the President’s, which would preserve Obamacare, raise taxes, allow entitlements to mushroom until they collapse, and never balance at any point in time. As Leader McCarthy said,

“Our vision looks to the road ahead, not to the rearview behind us. We face many challenges here at home and abroad, but we can tackle those challenges and create a more prosperous America if we choose a better path. This budget is a better path.” 

With the right choices and a strong foundation, an America of greater freedom, increased opportunity, and government accountability is ahead.