10 Facts About President Obama’s Devastating ‘Sequester’ | Speaker.gov

If you’re following the debate over the Obama ‘sequester,’ here are 10 facts you need to know:

  1. As the Woodward book confirms, the Obama White House proposed the ‘sequester’ cuts, which take effect on January 1, 2013, because the president didn’t want to deal with another debt limit debate before his re-election campaign.
  2. Top administration officials, including Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, have said the Obama ‘sequester’ threatens our national security.
  3. In May, Speaker John Boehner said, “To get on the path to prosperity, we have to avoid the fiscal cliff, but we need to start today.” In that spirit, the House has already passed legislation to replace the Obama ‘sequester’ and to stop all of President Obama’s tax hikes.
  4. Democrats, on the other hand, pledged to drive the nation off the “fiscal cliff” unless they get a tax hike on small businesses that will destroy more than 700,000 jobs. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has warned of “deep recession” if they succeed.
  5. The House of Representatives passed legislation replacing the Obama defense ‘sequester’ with common-sense spending cuts and reforms on May 10.  President Obama actually threatened to veto it.
  6. The House-passed bill reduces the deficit another $243 billion beyond the Budget Control Act by eliminating bailouts, slush funds, and stopping fraud in taxpayer-funded programs.
  7. President Obama – commander-in-chief of the armed forces – still hasn’t outlined a legislative plan for (and even ignored a deadline for submitting a report on) how to deal with his ‘sequester.’
  8. Senate Democrats still haven’t passed a bill - much less proposed a legislative plan - to replace the president’s ‘sequester’ either.
  9. House leaders pledged to reconvene in August if Senate Democrats took action, and voted to replace the Obama ‘sequester’ and stop all of the president’s tax hikes. They did neither.
  10. The House will vote again this week on legislation that requires the president to submit a plan for replacing his ‘sequester’ before the November election.

Republicans have led efforts to resolve this issue in a responsible way.  The president and Senate Democrats haven’t lifted a finger to resolve the issue, and this lack of leadership is hurting the economy and the country.