1. It strengthens our military. It makes important progress in ushering our military into the 21st century. It includes a substantial increase in defense spending, which includes new warships, aircrafts, weapons, and missile defense systems. It also gives our troops the largest military pay raise in six years and reverses the Obama administration’s personnel cuts.

2. It reforms government and prioritizes defense. The bill provides for increases in defense spending without making corresponding increases in non-defense spending, something Democrats had insisted on for years. Additionally, the bill rescinds, consolidates, or terminates more than 150 federal programs or initiatives.

3. It targets terrorism and foreign threats. The bill provides additional funding to defeat ISIS and counter radical extremism around the world. It provides aid to our allies to combat Russian aggression. It strengthens our relationship with Israel.

4. It strengthens our borders. The bill provides $12.2 billion for Customs and Border Protection. It prioritizes increased fencing, roads, and innovative technology to keep our border secure.

5. It reforms the IRS. The IRS was a hotbed of corruption, fraud, and abuse under the Obama administration. This bill freezes the IRS at current funding levels—$1 billion less than the Obama administration requested. The bill contains structural changes to the agency to increase transparency, safeguard free speech, and protect the tax-exempt status of non-profit organizations.

6. It protects life. The bill reaffirms the Hyde amendment and prohibits federal funding of abortions. It also specifically limits the District of Columbia from using federal funds for abortion in the district.

7. It tackles crime. The bill will help get criminals, drugs, and traffickers off the streets. It increases funding for the FBI, Drug Enforcement Administration, and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms—while strengthening second amendment protections.

8. It encourages American energy development and limits EPA overreach. The bill supports an all of the above energy strategy—with specific focus on coal, oil, natural gas, and increasing our nuclear capabilities. It eliminates all funding for the Green Climate Fund, U.N. Climate Change panel, and eliminates aid to Paris Climate Change institutions. Additionally, the bill reduces EPA funding by $81 million, taking the agency back to spending levels from eight years ago. It also puts strict limitations on the way the EPA regulates certain industries.

9. It supports local communities and education. Centralized federal control is not the way to help communities. The bill takes a different approach by funding the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which gives states and local school districts more control over the education of their kids. It also gives $3 billion back to local communities through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), which supports locally-driven solutions to economic and social problems. And it renews the groundbreaking DC Opportunity Scholarship Program.

10. It fights against the nation’s opioid epidemic. The bill provides an additional $650 million to address the prevention and treatment of opioid and heroin use, including increased funding for Mental Health Block Grants.