This week, the House will consider the Make America Secure and Prosperous Appropriations Act, the government funding package for FY2018. This is big deal: It’s the first time in nearly a decade that the House has passed all 12 appropriation bills on time.

In this legislation, the House has achieved many conservative victories and top priorities for the Trump administration. Here are some of the top wins:

1.      It cracks down on illegal immigration and fully funds the Trump administration’s request for a wall along the southern border.

2.      It rolls back job-killing regulations, like the fiduciary rule, the Waters of the U.S. rule, and Dodd-Frank regulations.

3.      It gives our troops a much-deserved pay raise.

4.      It protects the sanctity of life here at home by defunding Planned Parenthood and enforcing the Mexico City Policy. It prohibits the federal government from discriminating against Americans who object to participating in abortion.

5.      It protects the safety of our citizens by providing for $789.7 billion in national security priorities, including defense, nuclear weapons safety and reliability, and veterans’ affairs.

6.      It ends dozens of underachieving government programs across multiple agencies and reduces funding for hundreds of others that need improvement.

7.      It cuts funding for the EPA by $534 million below FY17 levels.

8.      It supports the exploration of space by funding NASA and NASA Science programs.

9.      It fights against forest fires by fully funding treatment, prevention, and emergency services.

10.   It prevents any funds to be used to further implement Obamacare rules.

11.   It reforms the IRS and holds its funding to below FY08 levels.


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