Yes, it’s Tax Day—a day of groaning and sighing for Americans across the country. Last week, Speaker Ryan outlined three major reasons why the IRS is—yet again—failing the American people this tax season:

1)      The agency has a leadership deficit

2)      There’s a huge lack of transparency

3)      The agency is implementing a tax code that is way too complicated.

Despite the fact that there is a Democratic president in charge of this agency, House Republicans are doing all we can to fix these problems. In December, the House passed legislation to provide hardworking Americans and small businesses with permanent tax relief, as well as a separate bill that included major provisions to rein in the IRS. We have been continuing our aggressive oversight of the IRS in 2016. The Task Force on Tax Reform, a pillar of our agenda project is working on ways to simplify the tax code and make it work for all Americans. Here are Speaker Ryan’s full remarks:

“I think that the IRS is not being led well. I think the IRS misled Americans. I think the IRS is not on top of their game with respect to preventing hacking from occurring in the future . . .I also think the IRS is implementing a horrible tax code. And I think the real solution at the end of the day is comprehensive tax reform, something our agenda project is going to be working on.

“I support [Oversight Committee] Chairman Chaffetz in his oversight and [Ways and Means] Subcommittee Chairman Roskam and Full Committee Chairman Brady in their oversight that they’ve been doing on the IRS. Look, we would not have gotten as much done with respect to the IRS—the riders we got the end of last year, the uncovering of the political targeting that was occurring by the IRS—that is because of oversight in the House of Representatives. I believe we have been doing our jobs in conducting oversight by bringing some accountability and oversight to an agency that has gone beyond its mission . . . What I think we need to do is win an election, get better people in these agencies, and reform the tax code so we’re not harassing the average taxpayer with a tax code they can’t understand.”

Continued oversight and a reformed tax code that serves the American people is absolutely vital to restoring a Confident America.


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