31 Reasons Why We Need Tax Reform | Speaker.gov

Last week, House, Senate, and White House leaders announced that we are united on a path forward on tax reform, which drew wide praise from leading conservative and business voices. Now it’s the job of our committees to gather feedback from the American people and write a bill to fix our broken tax code and cut taxes for American families and businesses.

Here in the House, the Ways and Means Committee is hard at work doing just that.

They have already held a number of public hearings focused on reforms to create jobs and grow our economy. They’ve brought in job-creators and hardworking Americans to hear directly from them about the challenges they face with regards to the tax code.

And this month, the committee is outlining 31 reasons why we need tax reform. (Yes, that’s one every single day in August, but also—believe it or not—it's been 31 years since we last overhauled our tax code.)

Day 1: Our broken tax code is a drag on our economy.

Day 2: Americans spend too much money filing taxes.

Day 3: Americans at every income level deserve to keep more of their paychecks.

Well, you get the idea.

We want a tax code that works for all Americans—not just for special interests and those who can afford expensive accountants. We want a tax code that is more simple, affordable, and competitive. And we want to get this done in 2017.

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