5 Problems President Obama Will “Pass on” to the Next President | Speaker.gov

In announcing his dangerous plan to close Guantanamo earlier this week, President Obama argued, “I don’t want to pass this problem on to the next president, whoever it is.” If only he felt this way about other more pressing challenges facing our country. Here’s a quick list of just some of the problems this president will pass on to his successor:

The president has repeatedly failed to develop a clear strategy to defeat—not contain—ISIS. Perhaps it’s no surprise from a president who called this terrorist organization the “JV team” and, even in the wake of Paris and San Bernardino, insisted that his approach was working. Just this month, the administration missed a congressionally mandated deadline to present a plan to counter the threat radical Islamic terrorism poses to our homeland. The president can try to blame Congress all he wants, but ultimately it’s the duty of the commander-in-chief to lead our nation in defeating threats to our national security.

2. Obamacare
Obamacare simply isn’t working. Double-digit premium increases are hurting families who were promised cost savings of $2,500 annually, while exchanges in states across the country are collapsing under their own weight. Countless small businesses attempting to avoid some of the law’s burdensome regulations have been forced to cut back worker hours, reduce wages, and eliminate employee-sponsored benefits—all just to keep their doors open. And, meanwhile, thousands of hardworking Americans have been kicked off their health care plans altogether, preventing them from seeing their preferred physician.

3. A Sluggish Economy
Seven years of President Obama’s policies have led to one of the slowest economic recoveries in American history. Rather than work with Congress to rein in spending, cut taxes, and pay down the debt, the president jammed through a massive new entitlement program and an $830 billion stimulus package. Today, the results speak for themselves: Stagnant wages, weak job growth, millions of Americans still unemployed and millions more living in poverty. These are not signs of economic recovery—they are signs of a weak economy held back by the federal government.

4. A Dangerous Iran Deal
Dangerous aspects of the president’s nuclear agreement with Iran will take root over the next several years. The $100 billion in sanctions relief granted to Tehran will be used to fund terrorism against the West, as even the president acknowledges. The U.N. conventional arms and ballistic missile embargoes on Iran will be lifted in just five and eight years, respectively, followed by the removal of key nuclear enrichment restrictions soon after that.

5. A Broken VA
To this day, the president has not proposed a comprehensive plan to fix the VA despite new problems and scandals being uncovered seemingly every week, like a crisis hotline that goes straight to voicemail or falsifying records to make it look like our vets are getting care right away when in reality they are waiting weeks. The president appears content with leaving this task for his successor. That’s a shame.