Today, the House takes up H.R. 2250, legislation to fund the nation’s legislative branch.  Read the bill on

Some history:  one of the first pledges Speaker Boehner made – and one of the first votes the new majority took in 2011 – was to cut the cost of Congress.   After all, Washington should have to do more with less, just as hardworking families are every day.   Those cuts marked the first step in stopping Washington’s spending binge – an effort that has put us on track to save taxpayers $2.1 trillion.

Each year, then, the bill to fund the legislative branch is how we continue to lead by example.  There’s a lot to like about this bill, but here are just seven key things:

  • Holds the line on House funding, putting us on track to save taxpayers $782 million – a nearly 14 percent reduction in House spending under the Republican majority.
  • Continues the pay freeze for Members of Congress that has been in place since 2010.
  • Increases funding for the Capitol Police by $21 million, boosting critical safety and security functions, and maintaining public access to the Capitol and the surrounding buildings.
  • Protects funding for the Government Accountability Office, which provides critical oversight for the American people.
  • Boosts accountability for Capitol projects, withholding funds until changes in costs and timelines are submitted and approved. 
  • Increases funding for the Library of Congress, to help the institution better serve the public.
  • And for children of all ages, the committee encourages the Capitol Police to allow sledding on Capitol grounds, so if you’re visiting our capital city on a snow day, you can enjoy the elements without fear. #sledfreeordie