8 Shark GIFs That Perfectly Explain Why Senate Dems Can’t Ignore House Republicans’ Jobs Bills | Speaker.gov
There are a a lot of fish in the ocean, just like there are a lot of House-passed bills stuck in the United States Senate (347 to be exact). But some fish – such as sharks – you just can’t ignore…kind of like the 40+ House-passed jobs bills that are piling up on Senator Reid’s desk.  In honor of Shark Week, here are eight reasons why Senate Democrats simply cannot ignore the work of the People’s House.
1. Introductions are key.

Which is why we recently relaunched speaker.gov/jobs, to make it nice and easy for Senate Democrats to see exactly where they should get to work.  

2. Our jobs bills would make such a big impact, it’s startling.  
3. In fact, these jobs bills would help zap away a sluggish economy. 
4. They are right in front of Senator Reid's face.

Hard to ignore that.

5. They’re also right behind him. 
6. Heck, they’re all around him. 
(Did we mention there are more than 40?!)
7. They just keep coming.  
House Republicans continue to work to advance good, common-sense policies that will help get America working again.
8. And they’re not going away.
Some of these bills passed the House with bipartisan support more than 500 days ago, but because they are good, common-sense ideas, they will stand the test of time. 
OK, so maybe a few of these GIFs are pretty absurd, but then again, so is the fact that Senate Democrats are sitting on more than 40 House-passed jobs bills.  Isn’t it about time that these bills – and the millions of middle-class Americans that would benefit from them – receive an up or down vote in the Senate?