On ABC's This Week with Christiane Amanpour, Speaker Boehner highlighted the Republican jobs plan and the 22 bipartisan House-passed jobs bills that remain stuck in the Democrat-controlled Senate. He outlined why we need to fix the tax code for families and job creators (not raise taxes), and discussed the importance of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction's work to stop Washington from spending money it doesn't have. Boehner also said the House will likely vote on a Republican jobs bill linking American energy production to infrastructure reform "before the end of the year." Below you'll find several excerpts and the full video of the interview:

Boehner on Bipartisan, House-Passed Jobs Bills Stuck in the Democrat-Controlled Senate:

"Well, we've already seen some common ground. We passed the three free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea, part of our plan, part of the president's plan. As a matter of fact, it's all part of our plan for American job creators. And we've passed 22 bills, all with bipartisan support, that would help reduce barriers to job growth. They all remain in the United States Senate."

Boehner on President Obama's Plan for Tax Hikes on Small Businesses & More Failed 'Stimulus' Spending:

"[Y]ou're going to basically increase taxes on the very people that were hoping will reinvest in our economy and create jobs. That's the real crux of the problem. And, secondly, I would point out this: we have a spending problem. We've done all this stimulus spending in the last couple of years and, clearly, it has not worked."

Boehner on Fixing the Tax Code as Part of the GOP Plan for America's Job Creators:

"I believe that if we restructure our tax code, where on the corporate side and the personal side, the target would be a top rate of 25 percent, it would make our economy more competitive with the rest of the world. It would put Americans back to work. We'd have a broader base on the tax rules. And out of that, there would be real economic growth and more revenues for the federal government."

Boehner on Stopping Washington from Spending Money It Doesn't Have:

"Listen, we've made promises to ourselves that our kids and grandkids cannot afford. And we have to deal with it. ... I think it is important for our government to solve our deficit and our debt problem. And -- and we need to take a big step in the right direction. So I'm going to do everything that I can to ensure that the super committee is successful."

Boehner on Ensuring the American Dream is Alive & Well for Future Generations:

"What our job here in Congress is to do -- and the reason I came here 21 years ago -- was to make sure that the American dream that was available to us is available for our kids and our grandkids. That -- most people don't believe that's the case today. And, frankly, I've got concerns that it may not be the case. We can't have government debt that's snuffing out the future for our kids and grandkids. We can't have a government that's taking in 30, 40 cents out of every dollar from our kids and grandkids to pay for government. That's -- you can't have both. And I do believe that my -- my job and my vision is to make sure the American dream is alive and well for everyone in America.

Boehner on President Obama's Rhetoric Pitting One Set of Americans Against Another:

"Listen, I understand people's frustrations. I understand their concerns. And, frankly, I understand that we have differences in America. We are not going to engage in class warfare. The president is out there doing it every day. I, frankly, think it's unfortunate. ... Because our job is to help all Americans, not -- not to pit one set of Americans against another."