This morning, Speaker Ryan appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to urge Senate Democrats to abandon their reckless scheme to shut down the government. Watch the entire interview here.

Speaker Ryan: “This is absolutely needless, completely unnecessary, and wholly because of Senate Democrats trying to shut down the government, holding the entire government hostage for a completely unrelated issue that doesn't have a deadline right now. . . . If we have a government shutdown, that the Democrats insist on, troops don't get paid, they’re holding our military hostage. Children's health insurance dries up, seven states run out of money for their children’s health insurance. The Medical Device Tax kicks in so anybody getting a medical procedure that involves a device will pay a whole lot more for that procedure. Those are things that will happen if the Senate Democrats continue to insist on shutting down the government. . . .Senator Schumer said this very tactic, this very strategy a few years ago, was governmental chaos. Nancy Pelosi called it legislative arson. This is exactly what they're doing and it is completely unnecessary to hold the government hostage for something unrelated. And by way, those DACA negotiations are underway right now. There are good faith bipartisan negotiations underway on DACA right now that have been occurring for some time and that deadline is not until March. So what they're simply trying to do is hold all of government hostage, our troops, kids’ health insurance, for a completely unrelated issue. I think it's shameful.”

Speaker Ryan: “I think the Democrats are hoping that the American people won’t know that they had their fingerprints all over this. That the American people won't know that it's the Senate Democrats who are actually filibustering this, because as you said, Bill, unfortunately it takes 60 votes in the Senate to do any of this stuff. I found it interesting that Senator Schumer said we should do an appropriations process. Guess what? The House passed all the appropriations bills before the fiscal year deadline, September 30th, and they’ve been sitting in the Senate since September. Every single appropriation bill to fund all of government, those bills passed the House and are sitting in the Senate. We passed the defense appropriations bill twice. It is sitting in the Senate. We passed the hurricane relief appropriation bill in December. It is sitting in the Senate. There is one theme as to why none of this activity is occurring, no actions happening—Senate Democrats are filibustering appropriations, funding the government, and now they are filibustering a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open.”

Speaker Ryan: “The Senate Democrats are holding our men and women in uniform hostage over an unrelated issue. Senate Democrats are holding children's health insurance hostage for an unrelated issue. . . . That’s what they're doing, they’re basically holding all of government hostage. Troops won't get paid after tomorrow if the Senate Democrats have their way. Seven states will run out of children's health insurance, if the Senate Democrats have their way. It is ridiculous and it is legislative arson and it is governmental chaos as Chuck and Nancy used to say, and I don't think they should do it.”

Speaker Ryan: “The President doesn't want to shutdown, Republicans don't want to shutdown, the House passed a bill to prevent a shutdown and it is solely up to Senate Democrats led by Senator Schumer, who used to call this governmental chaos, and Nancy Pelosi, who used to call it legislative arson, don't do what you yourself say is wrong. Keep the government funded and stay involved in these good-faith bipartisan negotiations. That’s what civil people do. That’s what we should be doing and that is what we have done here in the House.”