With Action on Job-Creating Energy Bill, GOP Continues to Push American Energy Initiative | Speaker.gov

This week, the House will begin consideration of the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act (H.R. 2021), American Energy Initiative legislation introduced by Rep. Cory Gardner (R-CO) that will end Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) permitting delays to boost offshore energy production, help lower gas prices and create jobs. The Jobs and Energy Permitting Act will not only create an estimated 54,000 jobs, but will also ensure that the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System remains operable, protecting energy supplies for millions of American families and small businesses struggling with high gas prices.

Here’s a look at several other actions the new House majority has taken under the American Energy Initiative to address high gas prices and help the economy create jobs:


  • In April, the House passed the Energy Tax Prevention Act (H.R. 910) to prevent the EPA from imposing a backdoor national energy tax that will drive up gasoline prices and destroy American jobs. According to one economic expert’s estimate, the EPA’s flawed, burdensome regulatory regime could put as many as 1.4 million American jobs at risk. 



  • Last week, the House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy & Minerals held a hearing on the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska Access Act (H.R. 2150), legislation that would  unlock American energy resources in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A). At the hearing, Tim Sharp, Business Manager of the Alaska District Council of Laborers, voiced his support for the legislation for “two main issues … jobs, and affordable fuel and energy.”
  • To date, the Subcommittee on Energy & Power has held 10 American Energy Initiative hearings focused primarily on boosting American energy to help create jobs, and will continue that effort in the coming weeks. 

The new House majority has been focused on jobs since day one, and will continue working to address high gas prices and create new American jobs through the American Energy Initiative and the Plan for America’s Job Creators. With the Plan for America’s Job Creators, Republicans made clear that eliminating barriers to domestic energy production is critical for creating jobs and getting the economy back on track. Learn more about the plan here: Jobs.GOP.Gov and learn more and “like” the American Energy Initiative here: http://facebook.com/americanenergy.