Republicans are mounting an aggressive, united campaign to enact commonsense tax reform in 2017. Last week, House, Senate, and White House leaders announced that they are united on a path forward on getting this done—a move that received widespread praise from leading conservative and business organizations. Speaker Ryan also sat down with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo to make the case for a tax code that is more simple, affordable, and competitive.

Check out some of the latest news clips below:

The Hill: GOP to begin vigorous sales job on tax reform

“Now that GOP leaders and the White House have announced a consensus on goals for tax reform, they are hoping to get voters excited about forthcoming legislation. And they'll have business groups and conservative advocacy organizations helping them in the efforts. . . . The Big Six had not been expected to release tax guidelines until September, so the fact that the principles were released in July signals a desire to pivot to tax reform and to arm lawmakers with information to discuss with constituents.”

Politico: Outside groups prop up White House's tax reform efforts
"Conservative and business-aligned advocacy groups plan to spend millions of dollars boosting tax reform in August. . . . The push by Washington-based interest groups, President Donald Trump's White House, the Treasury Department, and Republicans on the Hill aims to get better results from tax reform by engaging stakeholders from the outset—and by pitching their plans to voters aggressively and early."

Wall Street Journal: GOP Lawmakers, White House Outline Tax Plan

“The shared principles in effect represent a starting point for the approaching debate. Party leaders’ willingness to release a framework is also a sign of their confidence in getting a bill written and passed.” 

CBS: GOP-aligned group launches initiative to promote tax reform

“Republican-aligned advocacy group American Action Network (AAN) is launching a campaign Monday to promote the need for pro-growth tax reform and highlight problems with the current tax code. The group says it will work to educate Americans about the benefits of tax reform, which is another top priority for congressional Republicans and the White House.”

McClatchy: Major GOP-aligned group pledges to spend millions on tax reform fight

“American Action Network, for its part, is seeking to offer a comprehensive message on tax reform through radio, television, mail and digital ad buys, and through organizing at a grassroots level, ensuring that pro-tax reform advocates are at events, such as town halls over the August recess, and helping to facilitate activities like op-eds in local papers from community leaders and other politically prominent figures. The project has a hashtag: #GrowthForAll.”

Politico: Business Roundtable launching multi-million dollar push backing tax reform

“The Business Roundtable is embarking on a multi-million-dollar national TV and radio campaign, beginning in early August, to give tax reform extra momentum over the congressional recess. Done in cooperation with White House, Treasury, and House and Senate leadership, this is BRT’s effort to cast a potential tax overhaul as a once-in-a-generation opportunity.”

The Hill: Ryan praises conservative group's efforts to promote tax reform

"Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is praising the American Action Network's (AAN) multimillion-dollar effort to promote tax reform, as Republicans and outside groups work to get constituents behind the GOP's tax-rewrite plans over the August recess. 'A simpler, fairer tax system that puts working families first will strengthen our economy and create more jobs,' Ryan said in a statement tweeted Tuesday from his personal account. 'I am encouraged to see the Middle Class Growth Initiative, and American Action Network, working to give their voice to this critical issue, and I'm pleased for such allies and supportive efforts.'"

Axios: Tax reform begins today

“The White House, Senate and House are all united in moving on full steam to tax reform this week.”

Newsmax: GOP to Launch Campaign to Promote Tax Reform Over August Recess

“The GOP looks to sell the plan with the aid of business groups and conservative organizations. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady has given his fellow Republican congressmen talking points to emphasize to the public the advantages of the plan, including an August calendar with 31 reasons for tax reform, and a pocket card that explains how it will be beneficial to the public.”

Washington Examiner: Paul Ryan 'confident' Republicans can get tax reform done

“[Speaker] Ryan said getting tax reform done in 2017 would be critical for achieving the 3 percent growth rate that the Trump administration is counting on to help fund its priorities, such as higher defense spending, and avoid running up the national debt.”

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