All the Small Things: In Obama Administration, Gimmicks Replace Governing |

It’s true: Big Bird is a victim … of an Obama White House that uses gimmicks and excuses to deflect attention from its failure on jobs and the economy.

Speaker John Boehner made this point back in May when he said the president was “playing small ball at a time when we need to address big challenges.” For example, President Obama:

Heck, the administration admitted last year that they were checked out and done with governing – no wonder they have no plan to stop the “fiscal cliff” tax hikes or replace its defense ‘sequester’ (even though the House has done both).

“Weak economic growth is the result of weak leadership from President Obama,” said Speaker Boehner. “Middle-class families deserve a president who will get Washington moving on solutions that bring jobs home, clear the cloud of debt, and foster long-term economic growth” – not one focused on gimmicks.