The American Health Care Act: A Four-Committee Process |

This week, we introduced the American Health Care Act, which keeps our promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. Read the bill here.

Last month, Congress passed a budget resolution laying out an open, transparent process for this legislation. Let’s walk through it:

So this is a weeks-long process involving four House committees before the American Health Care Act can go to the floor for a final vote.

Not only that, but remember that this bill is the culmination of an even longer process that dates back more than a year.

Last February, Republicans set up a task force—co-chaired by now-HHS Secretary Tom Price—to hear ideas and take years of conservative health care ideas and combine them into one consensus plan.

That bottom-up process resulted in the Better Way plan, which largely informed this legislation. As one outlet recently reported, “it’s clear we could have been reading House Speaker Paul Ryan's ‘A Better Way’ plan the whole time.”