Tomorrow, the House will consider the American Health Care Act to repeal and replace Obamacare. Ahead of this historic vote, we wanted to take a few minutes to answer more of your questions about the bill:

Why does the bill increase premiums?
It doesn’t. CBO estimates that AHCA will decrease premiums by at least ten percent, and this doesn’t include Phase 2 and Phase 3 actions that will further bring down costs.

Why doesn’t the bill fully repeal Obamacare?
This bill repeals Obamacare’s mandates, spending, and taxes—effectively gutting the law. AHCA is the 2015 repeal bill plus conservative replacement measures. Obamacare regulations cannot be included in reconciliation, so they will be repealed through Phase 3.

What is this about ‘phase 3’?
Phase 3 is a series of additional bills aimed at lowering premiums even further and repealing Obamacare’s regulatory framework. These are measures that cannot be included in AHCA due to reconciliation rules in the Senate.

When will the Senate take it up?
Immediately. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has pledged that the Senate will take up the bill next week.

Why are you cutting women’s health services?
We’re not. In fact, we’re expanding women’s access to health services by redirecting Planned Parenthood dollars to community health centers, which vastly outnumber Planned Parenthood clinics.

Why are you voting to kick 24 million people off health care?
We’re not. AHCA will ensure everyone has access to affordable, quality health care, but we’re just not forcing people to buy insurance. Moreover, the CBO score fails to take into account actions Secretary Tom Price will take in Phase 2 and additional legislation we will pass in Phase 3, which will help bring down costs and expand coverage.

Why are you ramming this through?
We’re not. This bill is proceeding through an open, transparent process of regular order. Four House committees—Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, Budget, and Rules—all passed AHCA before its arrival on the floor.