Today, a coalition of American manufacturing leaders urged Congress to pass the Republican plan to overhaul our broken tax code.

“We applaud your efforts to pursue tax reform that is both big and bold,” they wrote in a letter to congressional leadership. “Incremental tweaks will not level the playing field or dramatically reinvigorate economic growth. If we miss this chance to fundamentally reshape the tax code, it might take another 30 years before have another chance to try it.”

That’s no joke. The last time we got real tax reform done was the year Speaker Ryan got his driver’s license. These opportunities only come around once in a generation, and we need to seize them.

Our plan will vault the U.S. tax code to among the most competitive in the world, ensure a level playing field for American businesses, and encourage companies to bring jobs back from overseas and manufacture products here at home. A key paragraph from the letter states:

“A critical element of the House blueprint is the provision that ensures goods and services produced abroad face the same tax burden as those produced in the United States. This reform is consistent with the tax policies of nearly every other country in the world, and it would effectively end the ‘Made in America’ tax that creates an unfair advantage for foreign-based companies at the expense of U.S. jobs and economic growth.”

This will rejuvenate our economy, foster innovation, and help create sustainable, good-paying jobs in the United States. That’s why we must finally get this done for the American people.

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