American People to the President on His Sequester: Cut More, Not Less |

When congressional leaders meet with President Obama on Friday to discuss his sequester, Republicans will have a simple message, one backed up by the American people: we need to find more spending to cut, not reduce the amount we already have.

A brand new poll from NBC News and The Wall Street Journal reveals Americans understand – though it continues to escape the President – that spending is the problem.

While Americans know that the president’s sequester is bad policy, a majority believes its level of spending cuts should be a floor, not a ceiling. As Mark Murray, NBC News’ Senior Political Editor, wrote , “a combined 53 percent prefer that Congress move ahead with the current sequester cuts or a plan that contains even more cuts.”

By contrast, only about one third of Americans believe we should follow the president’s preferred course and cut less than the sequester requires.

Standing with the American people, House Republicans have twice passed legislation to replace the president’s sequester with common sense cuts and reforms that actually exceed the sequester’s deficit reduction. The sequester is the wrong way to cut it, but spending is the problem, and spending cuts are the solution. As Speaker Boehner told CBS News, “It’s time to tackle spending. Period.”