With unemployment at 9.5 percent, more than two million Americans out of work since the trillion-dollar “stimulus” spending bill became law, and a federal budget deficit topping $1 trillion, House Democratic leaders today plan to bring to the House floor a $700 million welfare program for … wild horses and burros


Yes, you read that correctly.  As middle-class families and small businesses across the country continue to ask, “Where are the Jobs?” House Democrats are proving just how out of touch Washington has become.  House committees continue work on a massive government takeover of health care that the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says drive taxpayers into deeper debt and increase Americans’ health care costs, while the Chair of the White House Council of Economic Advisor’s own methodology predicts the plan will destroy 4.7 million jobs.  And yes, the business of the day in the ‘People’s House” is of a decidedly equine persuasion.  Environment and Energy Daily reports:


“The House is expected to take up legislation today that seeks to protect wild horses and burros under federal care, but Republicans are bashing the bill as a waste of federal resources in the midst of tough economic times for many Americans…”


“Resources Committee ranking member Doc Hastings (R-Wash.) plans to attack the bill's pricetag, criticizing it as a ‘$700 million welfare program for wild horses’ that comes at a time when he thinks the federal government should focus more of its resources on deficit reduction or job creation.”


“‘There are serious issues facing our country right now and it’s absurd that Democratic leaders believe that spending $700 million to pamper wild horses is the best use of our time and Americans’ tax dollars,’ Hastings said in a statement yesterday.  ‘Instead of restoring American mustangs, let’s restore American jobs and put the horsepower back into our economy.’”


If House Democratic leaders want to spend House floor time focusing on job creation – which, after all, is the American people’s top priority – here are a few suggestions:


-  Scrap their plans for Speaker Pelosi’s national energy tax, which the National Black Chamber of Commerce predicts will cost Americans 2.3 to 2.7 million jobs every year – jobs that would be shipped to countries like China and India.

-  Shelve their expensive government takeover of health care – which raises health care costs, destroys millions more American jobs, cuts Medicare and take away health care choices for millions of seniors, and is financed by a small business tax – and work with Republicans on a better solution to give more Americans access to affordable health care.

-  Schedule a real jobs debate on the House floor – and a vote on the American Energy Act, which will create new jobs, bring down energy costs, and pave the way for a cleaner environment.


Don’t families and small businesses deserve better than what they’re getting from their leaders right now?  Shouldn’t they expect more from Congress than a government takeover of health care that kills jobs and raise health care costs – and a $700 million welfare program for horses?  Is it any wonder why the American people are fed up with Washington?