Americans Deserve a Tax Break |

Speaker Ryan recently participated in The New York Times’ TimesTalks series with Deputy Washington Editor Jonathan Weisman to make the case for historic tax reform—the first of its kind since 1986. The speaker argued that America should wake up on New Year’s Day 2018 with a more simpleaffordable, and competitive tax code that will create American jobs and grow our economy:

“We propose a progressive system and a progressive rate structure. We just think we shouldn’t have seven brackets. That makes it so much more complicated. So we think we should streamline and simplify. And by streamlining and simplifying, going from seven brackets to three, not only do middle-income taxpayers get a break, not only do low-income taxpayers get a break, but you dramatically simplify the code for them so that about 96 percent of Americans will be able to file their taxes on a postcard, so they don’t have to pay for all this expensive tax preparation. Because if you effectively double the standard deduction, keep important things—nuns would agree with this—donating to charities and churches, you know, mortgages, things that middle-income families really rely on and participate in, with that increased standard deduction you dramatically simplify the code. And it’s fairer that way. So that a person with the same kind of income pays the kind of tax, and that’s really not the way it works today.” 

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