Anniversary? What Anniversary? President Obama Silent on ObamaCare at Two-Year Mark as Costs Soar, Small Businesses Suffer |

“With much fanfare, dozens of pens and members of Congress beaming at his side, President Obama signed a sweeping health care reform bill this morning. … The mood at the signing ceremony was nearly ecstatic and some members even wiped away happy tears.” (Talking Points Memo, 3/23/10)

Oh what a difference a couple of years makes.  President Obama, who spent more than a year relentlessly lobbying for the health care law – while the economy was shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs – is keeping mum as the government takeover of healthcare turns two today.  For a president who at one time was ready and willing to put his future on the line to see his signature legislation enacted into law, his absence today is notable:  Here’s more:

  • “Missing From Obama Health-Care Anniversary: Obama. President Barack Obama’s health-care law turns two years old Friday…There’s just one thing missing: Mr. Obama. He isn’t making any public appearances to talk about the law…With the law still unpopular with many Americans, the White House has concluded that it is virtually impossible to change negative public opinions, particularly if Mr. Obama is front and center, a senior administration official said.” (The Wall Street Journal, 3/22/12)
  • “Obama Won’t Mark Anniversary of Health Care Law.  While Friday marks the two-year anniversary of the signing of President Obama's signature health care law, the president has no plans to celebrate the occasion.” (Politico, 3/21/12)
  • “Health Care Anniversary: Not Such a Big ‘Bleeping’ Deal?  It’s one big deal of an anniversary, but apparently President Obama will not be celebrating. Friday marks the second anniversary of Obama signing his health care reform bill into law, which Vice President Joe Biden was famously caught calling a ‘big (bleeping) deal’ at the ceremonial event that day. White House spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Monday it’s unclear what will be on the president's schedule this Friday, but he’s looking beyond past battles.” (Fox News, 3/19/12)
  • “White House: Meh, No One Outside of DC Really Cares About Obamacare Anymore.  President Obama’s spokesman said today that he doubts the White House will commemorate the second anniversary of Obamacare, explaining that the commemoration of Obama's signature legislation is only important to ‘those who toil inside the Beltway.’” (Washington Examiner, 3/21/12)

As Speaker Boehner said yesterday, President Obama “has good reason to ignore this anniversary.”  According to a recent report by the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO), ObamaCare will cost nearly $2 trillion - despite the president’s assurance that he would “not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits.”  In a separate report, the CBO said ObamaCare could force as many as 20 million Americans off their current coverage.  Small businesses are being especially hard hit by ObamaCare’s broken promises.  As one small business job creator put it, “I wish I could say that even better times are coming for What A Stitch but, unfortunately, the future still looks very uncertain. The new law weighs heavily on my mind every time I think about hiring new employees or how our business may grow and change over the next few years,” the House Small Business Committee reports.  As the number of ObamaCare broken promises continues to stack up, it’s no surprise that Americans remain as opposed to the government takeover of health care as ever. 

House Republicans are listening to Americans, and yesterday held their 26th vote to repeal, defund and dismantle ObamaCare, passing legislation to do away with the ObamaCare rationing board and curb junk lawsuits that drive up costs.  While Republicans remain hopeful that the Supreme Court will strike down ObamaCare’s individual mandate – the foundation of the government takeover of health care – House Republicans will continue moving forward with their effort to repeal the law in its entirety. As House Speaker John Boehner has made clear, “There’s only one way to truly fix ObamaCare, and that’s by fully repealing it.”  Follow the ongoing effort to fully repeal ObamaCare and protect small businesses at: