Another Busy Week for Tax Reform |

Tax reform is coming, and we are taking the case directly to the American people. Here's what happened during another busy week:

At the Newseum: Speaker Ryan joined New York Times Deputy Washington Editor Jonathan Weisman for a conversation on tax reform for the inaugural TimesTalks DC event.

On the Floor: The House passed the Clyde-Hirsch-Sowers-RESPECT Act, bipartisan legislation to stop the wrongful IRS practice of seizing Americans’ assets without due process.

In Bismarck, ND: President Trump made the case for giving the American people a well-deserved and long-overdue tax cut.

On Fox News: Speaker Ryan sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Martha MacCallum on the need for a more simpleaffordable, and competitive tax code.

In Washington, DC: House, Senate, and White House leaders met twice this week to discuss the path forward on getting pro-growth reforms done in 2017.

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