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The Obama administration announced another delay that protects big businesses from its health care law -- when will the president give the same relief to everyone else?

In “another setback for President Obama’s health care initiative,” the New York Times says the White House granted insurance companies a “one-year grace period, allowing them to set higher limits, or no limit at all on some costs” for consumers. Insurers needed “more time to comply” with the law’s maze of rules and regulations.

But insurance companies aren’t the only ones clamoring for relief.  In a recent survey, 77 percent of Americans want the individual mandate delayed or repealed.

The House of Representatives is listening. President Obama has already signed seven bills passed by the House that delay or defund parts of his health care law. But he threatened to veto bipartisan bills that delay the individual and employer mandates, and protect all Americans from ObamaCare. Why?

Sadly, this isn’t the first time the president has given big companies a pass from his health care law while families and individuals struggle in his economy. For example, the administration has also delayed…

  • ... the employer mandate. That means “[i]f you’re a big bank or a financial company, you don’t have to comply with ObamCare next year,” said Speaker Boehner. “But if you’re a single parent trying to make ends meet, there’s no exemption for you.”  
  • … enforcement of eligibility requirements. For those signing up for taxpayer-funded subsidies, Reuters reports that the president will “depend on consumers observing the honor system.” Yuval Levin says the Obama administration is “opening the door wide open to fraud.”
  • …a provision to help small businesses “provide workers with a choice of health plans.” The New York Times says workers at small businesses will instead “be limited to a single plan.”

The Times says the latest delay is “likely to fuel continuing Republican efforts this fall to discredit the president’s health care law.” But the White House is doing a fine job of that on its own.

President Obama says his law is “working the way it’s supposed to” even though his administration’s been missing deadlines, issuing waivers, and announcing delays left and right. Costs are going up. Full-time jobs are disappearing. And there’s bipartisan opposition to what is “a real disaster” for the American people.

Isn’t it time families and individuals got the same relief as big businesses from ObamaCare?

UPDATE @ 11:15 AM: Speaker Boehner says, "This report is just the latest evidence that the law is too costly and too complex to work – and that it’s not being implemented fairly." Read more here.